Friday, November 05, 2010

Me & Some Spray Paint

I am having some fun with spraying paint and stencil.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Art From Old

Fellow mixed media artist, Diane has visited my blog and left lovely comments.  A post of hers gave me the idea to try something new.  Like her, I printed an older piece on card stock after I altered the size to fit the board (6"x6") I wanted to use.  Printing it out this way allowed me to add some pencil work to the picture.  I added a little more highlighting on the forehead, nose and chin.  And I wanted the eye a lighter brown.  The other papers used in this piece are painted tissue paper and commercially printed patterned scrapbook card stock that I spray painted to make it my own.
I added the number two with a stencil and Golden's Molding Paste.  When the number two dried, I stained it with a pink Pitt pen then rubbed it with a bit of Interference Gold which allows the designs of the papers underneath to show through.  The last add was a collaged rectangle to finish it off.  I love the way it turned out.  Diane was inspired by Teresa Magel.
I am enjoying blog hopping.  Finding out what others are doing.  Studying,  Exploring.  And sometimes incorporating these ideas into my work.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Painting and Printing

Crusade No. 45
My color copies did not come out as intense as the original.  The reds weren't as red and the yellow looks washed out but I still used them for the purpose of experimenting and learning.  I painted on a corrugated cardboard which is showing up as pronounced ridges after a black and white gesso coating before I began to cover it with acrylic paint.  I guess, I can try printing on different types of paper, too.


Below is the first of three pages resulting from the original above.  Rotated 90 degrees and spray painted with red and black using stencils I cut out myself.  The particle face is cut out I did of my face and rose I made in different sizes but decided to use only one size in this.
On this I spray painted with reds and greens using a store bought stencil and the bottom of the spray for the circles.

Next, I cut up the copy and pieced it with paper that came out of the fax at work that had gibberish printed all over  it.  Of course, I took it and made copies.  (I thought it looked cool.)  I then painted one of the strips a dark red and used hand carved stamps.  I think it needs some blues some where and maybe journaling.  At any rate, I am not really happy with it, yet.
Thanks, Michelle