Sunday, July 11, 2010

Look! I'm a Genius.

I bought a book, awhile ago, that I thought I'd use a lot, that I'd work out of a lot, that I'd try to keep open while following the instructions and doing the techniques within its pages.  Let's call that kind of book an "art workbook".  So, I went to Kinko's and had them shave off the spine and re-bind with a coil binding.
I can fold the pages back.  And when open it stays flat. 


Linda R said...

You are a genius! It's tips like this that I think we all forget to share thinking they are such a small thing KUDOS TO YOU for sharing!! I am a bookaholic and Staples Office Supply does it too (I think $4-5 ea.) and I take a few at a time and have done like 35 so far WHAT A DIFFERENCE it makes !!!

Julie Fillo said...

I agree, you are a genius! Your blog looks great! I'm following.


barefoot muse said...

Allo, I love your blog!!! I'm very happy to see how your artwork is so FANtasticaly evolving. It gives me such a thrill to realize how many of us have become genuinely intertwined, hearts, minds, and souls, inspiring one another.
BTW...Wanda's work is going up this weekend in a 'gallery' (Yay!!!!), and Janice has sold a couple of her pieces. YOU"RE NEXT!!!!!

beth said...

What a great idea! Will have to try that one

Meant2B said...

Yes you are! Thanks for liking my new stuff and posting. I love your space here and your work. I just checked Traci's book out from the library to see if I want buy it. im excited about digging in. c u soon.

Ingrid Dijkers said...

Now that's a clever idea! I like it!

I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Very lovely work!