Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Cable For Me

I am not making a declaration.  It's not that I have been emancipated from some corporate scheme to control my mind.  And it's not that I don't like cable.  It was a financial decision.  You see,  I am not working with a lot of big money here.  Out of all the things I am currently paying for cable is not one them.  I'm thinking, I can't miss what I never had, right?  Yes, there are plenty of programs on cable I'd love to see.  But, I watch a little more television than I care to admit.   And I get juicy bits and recaps at work of shows others are watching.
My t.v. is a little older with a digital box and I have access to thistv giving me movies, movies and more movies.  I get RTV.  I believe, the R is for retro, giving me The Rifleman, I Spy, Kojak, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Bachelor Father, Wagon Train, Peter Gunn, It Takes A Thief and more.  Now, if they could just get rid of Simon and Simon and Knight Rider.  That would make me happy.
Sadly, after I attached that box I lost three Canadian channels I enjoyed.
Ummm, let's see, if I were to pick a "back in the day" show to see again my choice - The Rookies.  I love police stories and the 70's are my "back in the day".  When was your "back in the day" and what show would you like to see again?


jacqueline said...

As much as i enjoy having cabel tv at home, i notice i hardly watch it these day. I created a schedule for my creative time and one of the letting go is to watch less tv programs. :) Let me think my "back in day" cartoons {i watch alot of cartoons lol} would be "Gummie bears", "carebears" and "smurfs". You have a very cozy inspiring space here! Love it! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

LissaBee Creations said...


I love your art! Beautiful! Are you planning to sell your work?

I rarely watch TV anymore, but like you, I love the "back in the day" shows. I would like to see "Baretta" "Police Woman" and "What's Happenin'". :-)


Ronnie14 said...

Allo...I couldnt figure out where you left me a comment....I found it!! LOL Thanks so your art!! So much depth in the faces!! Hugs....Ronnie

Maggie May said...

we gave up cable for a few months and it was really good!