Sunday, August 08, 2010

Fear vs. Dream

from my sketchbook

Last week my momentum took a dive.  I was on my way toward establishing incremental movements forward and I hit the wall.  Fear entered my thoughts and took over.  It gave me tons of excuses.  I am so tired.  I can't think straight.  Nothing I do is any good anyway.  Boy, oh, boy did I complain.  Yet, somehow I did manage to read a book and near the end this line jumped out at me: "You must not die with the dreadful feeling that your fears were greater than your dreams..."  Okay, I get it.  I need to saddle up and take the reins.  And ignore my monkey mind.  It'll take me in directions I don't want to go and waste my time and zap my energy and well, you get the picture.
This week I am working on some good stuff.  Yep, the ideas are flowing again.  And I am feeling good about what's next.

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Suzanne said...

Good for you. It sounds like your funk didn't last that long. Now it's in the past, forget about it. I bet the next one will be even shorter.