Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Do You Measure A Life

I am not quite done with this.  I'm thinking of adding a flower on the side of her head.  Around her neck, on the edge of her top it states "how do you measure a life".
How does one measure a life?  With family and friends and memories?  Time shared with people who are interesting?  I guess. I am thinking about this lately because the woman who lives next door recently celebrated her 100th birthday.  She is fun and interesting and sharp.  She and her husband (who has been deceased for a long time) didn't have children (she calls me her "little girl").  She is living by herself but I know she is not lonely.  She a has wonderful family that comes and visits.  I say the because I see other older people that live in my building and I know no one comes to see them.  I find that very sad.  Like my neighbor, I hope to measure my life with happiness. 

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