Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stretching to Sketch-WEEK #3

I decided to participate in Kelly Berkey's "Stretching to Sketch" challenge.  We start out viewing a photo that she has taken of herself or one that her husband has taken of her.  The idea is to stretch, draw and paint the human form.  Kelly mentions: "I was always the photographer NEVER the subject".  Boy, does that feel familiar.  This is my response to Week #3.  I started out on a 4x6 card with the image that was painted using acrylics.  I painted and stamped a page in my journal then pasted the card onto that page.  Also used inks, pencil and a little bit of pastels.  According to the rules, there are no rules.  You can do whatever inspires you, which could be charcoal, pencil, sculpture, wire-work, watercolor, mixed media...  You can check out the other entries here.  Come over and join in on the fun if you are so moved.


Diane said...

Hi Allo, OH--another very fine talented artist I found at Kelly's challenge. I love the abstract feel to this--my favorite kind of figurative art.
And now I found you and your art--well done--Thank you so much for sharing!! I'll be following!

Marlene said...

Hi Allo, this was my first week participating also. Your sketch is beautiful I like the way you finished the background. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

WrightStuff said...

Love your interpretation of Kelly - it feels very fresh and natural. She makes a great model doesn't she?